When the old ways don't work and you need to find a new way forward

Are pain and weakness from injuries keeping you from doing the things that keep you fit and light you up?

Have life changes, stress or profound loss left you feeling disconnected, disembodied, out of balance...or just numb?

You may have tried a host of conventional and alternative modalities that worked for a while. But now find yourself stuck between feeling powerless, and thinking "I should be able to fix this". It's easy to assume you must be doing something wrong; should be doing more; or that you're broken beyond repair. I've been there and thought those things. It was exhausting. Pain on top of pain.

It doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to alleviate pain without drugs; feel stable and safe in your own skin, and reconnect with the creativity, passion and purpose that make life worth living.

What’s needed is a safe, effective way to “re-learn” easy spontaneous movement, and a light-hearted, enjoyable path back to connection and pleasure in the senses...

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This work has been life-changing. Not only am I virtually pain-free,
there’s a sense of confidence and optimism I haven’t felt since my stroke, 6 years ago.
- Hans Olsen, Seattle


Integrated Function

One-on-One lessons by appointment                      
Reduce pain without drugs; improve balance and coordination; enhance confidence.

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Susan Rolfe

Susan helps mid-life and Boomer types who have worked hard, played hard and experienced their fair share of physical wear and tear.  They learn to reduce pain and limitation, and to reconnect with creativity, passion and purpose.  She lives and practices in the Seattle area.  about Susan