The Calm and Grounded Sessions

...feel safe in mind and body

In this time of change, uncertainty and disease, it’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed…at a loss for how to respond, how to plan, how to even function in the day to day, when our “new normal” is anything but. 
Churning thoughts keep us on edge and in our heads.
When multiple stresses have had us “on high alert” for too long…it’s easy to feel heavy, worn down or numbed out.  
Though you’re exhausted, it can feel almost impossible to sleep well.  
We feel increasingly strung out and out of control…like we can’t even trust our bodies.
Maybe you’ve tried meditation, but it can be so hard to settle…so hard to make the time for it, especially when the experience is like being locked in a tiny room with someone yelling at you.  
You struggle to still the thoughts and feel like a failure when you can’t do it…where’s the peace in that?
What’s needed is a way to anchor the mind without suppressing it.  The body can be that powerful portal to Presence, but it’s easy to get lost in the senses.  
What’s needed is support in guiding awareness so we can use the senses, without getting lost in them.

Calm and Grounded

The Calm and Grounded Sessions use movement awareness and sensation to soothe and rebalance the nervous system.   

In these sessions I guide you in gentle, simple, slow movements that focus the mind while healing frayed nerves.

It’s really like a moving meditation, with the added benefit of improving balance, stability, and overall function.  Unlike yoga, it’s not about stretching.  Rather, we use tiny movements to reprogram the brain for ease.

Most of these movement explorations are done lying down.   A carpeted area on the floor, with enough room to do a “snow angel”,  is ideal.  If it’s too difficult to get up and down from the floor, you may also do them on a bed.

Either way, you’ll stand up feeling grounded, refreshed…lighter, more resilient.

“The past decade was filled with new health issues for me: unexplained weight gain, an ankle injury that wouldn’t heal, arthritis, food intolerances…a huge cyst.  I believe that a lifetime of narcissistic abuse really set the stage for these problems.  I was constantly in fight or flight mode.  I give the work you did with me so much credit for the positive direction my life is going in.  It has calmed my nervous system and really opened the door for significant mental and physical healing.  I’m not so uber-defensive all the time!  I can exercise again!  Huge deal!!  A mere ‘thank you’ can never be enough.”  
Diane – Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment.  You may want extra padding, a small pad or rolled up towel to support your head.

How should I prepare?

Sessions last about 1 hour.  You’ll want that time to be quiet and free of distractions.  It’s good to wear something comfy cozy and easy to move in.  You may want to have layers handy so you don’t get cold.

How much are the sessions?

Your first class is always free.   Please email me to set that up: [email protected]  Or to find out more, please click the link to schedule a call: Find out more

Single Drop-in: $20 click here to register

6-Session Package: $99 click here to sign up for a package

 Here’s a short video that shows how to get signed up and use the scheduling system:  How it works  

When are the sessions offered?

Wednesday evenings, 7pm, Pacific Time.  When you sign up for a package, you can choose which sessions you wish.

About Packages

Packages are the perfect combination of economy and freedom to choose your timing. When you sign up for a package, you’ll get a receipt and a link to a calendar, so you can choose which session/s you’d like to attend.  Here’s a short video that shows how to get signed up and use the scheduling system:  How it works  
Any other questions about how it works, please contact me!  [email protected]

6-Session Package: $99 click here to sign up