Quality of Life

What happens when you can’t do what you love anymore?

Dancing, gardening, hiking, skiing, playing music… The things that give you juice and light you up, spiritually and emotionally…that keep you fit and engaged.

It’s heartbreaking to give up what gives you joy.  And if you’re used to thinking of yourself as “someone who does that”- it can be a real blow to your sense of self, too.  It’s tempting to just keep on powering through. But maybe pain is starting to not be worth it, or your performance is becoming more disappointing than enlivening…or you worry about serious injury and don’t trust yourself out on your own.  It starts to feel like the beginning of the end.  Depressing!

Maybe you tried Physical Therapy, but it was expensive and never really made things more comfortable. Massage and chiropractic helped temporarily, but first thing you knew, the pain was back, and you were again dependent on a therapist to make it go away.

The good news is, you can learn to move, work and play in way that reduces pain and effort while enhancing performance. Through mind-body sensory feedback, you can heal old patterns, creating new neuropathways to improve function. This is learning that lasts, because you get it from the inside out.

Simply regaining the ability to move with greater ease and comfort can help you reconnect with creativity, passion and purpose.

How do I know? Because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve spent many years finding really fun things to do, only to squeeze the pleasure out of them by over-doing. Eventually, through in-depth training in movement awareness, mind-body integration, and a lot of life experience, I learned how to have fun AND look after my body. What I really love to do now, is to help others who want to make things easy on themselves, without missing out on the joy of life.

The Spice of Life Mind Body Studies

I offer individual lessons called Integrated Function and group classes called Optimal Movement. 

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