Balance, Ease and Stability in Magnolia

Dancing, gardening, hiking, skiing, playing music… The things that give you juice…that keep you fit and engaged.

It’s heartbreaking to give up what gives you joy. And if you’re used to thinking of yourself as “someone who does that”- it can be a real blow to your sense of self, too. It’s tempting to just keep on powering through. But maybe pain is starting to not be worth it, or your performance is becoming more disappointing than enlivening.

You may have tried working out at the gym, but it was so hard, not that much fun, and you burned out. Yoga was great, but maybe you found yourself always going too far into the stretch…and taking longer each time to recover. Maybe you had physical therapy, and it helped, but overall you’re still not feeling as agile and confident as you once did. It can be depressing to think that it’s a downward slide from here.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. By using the brain’s natural way of learning and healing (the fancy term is Neuroplasticity), we humans have the potential to improve balance, stability and ease at any age or physical condition.

Optimal Movement classes use simple movement patterns, along with a specific focus of awareness, to give our body-mind the sensory feedback it needs to learn it’s own best way. We use minimal effort in order to maximize learning, and the process itself is calming (some would say blissful). As more and more parts of ourselves are “brought online”, students experience better balance and stability, more ease and comfort…less pain.

When:  Saturday, March 20th, 2019    11am to 1pm

Where:  Fitness By Design Studio:  3139 West Government Way (second floor, above Seven Hills Running Shop)

How much?  $45

Give yourself the gift of better balance, ease and stability!

Space is limited.  To register, please email: [email protected] 

Or call Susan at 206 588-5356

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