"The senses are portals to the Now" - Eckhart Tolle 

I love the holidays, don’t you? 

The lights, the music… scents of balsam and baking.  

But most of all, time with loved ones.  

According to practically everyone I talk to, time with family and friends is the best thing about the holidays. Especially after age 50, when time seems to speed up... become even more precious.  

And yet the feeling that these get-togethers are stressful seems to be as universal as the need to be together.

  • Fear of repeating family dramas.  
  • Performance anxiety around entertaining.  
  • Pressure to find just the right gift.  
  • Feeling disappointed and not wanting to show it.  
  • Just plain exhaustion.  

All the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, decorating to make everything warm and bright... can be so inspiring and satisfying.

Parties, big and small, gift exchanges planned… all with joyful expectation. But when the time actually comes for the get-together, maybe we've worked ourselves into a frenzy. Is it this enough of a gift? Are we wearing the right thing? Was this supposed to be potluck?  

Dueling voices in the head:

  • "At this point I'd rather stay home with a book"
  • "But I really want to see these people!" 
  • "They'll never miss me" 
  • "I feel guilty knowing all the effort the hostess went to..."

Exhaustion, fraught emotions, and feeling "not enough". Not enough time, money, energy or "bandwidth". 

How can we have the connection we crave while taking good care of ourselves?  

You may have tried meditation, but the mind never stopped screaming at you.

Maybe you work out to blow off steam, though if you've had injuries this may not be an option.  

Yoga works great when you can take the time to do it. In this season of hustle-bustle, extra time for regular self-care practices can be hard to find.

We need an easy way to feel safe and grounded in the moment, regardless of what's happening.

The easiest way to ground is to bring awareness to the body and the senses. This focused attention interrupts fearful thoughts and calms the nervous system down immediately.

  • Tame over-whelm
  • Avoid burn-out
  • Feel grounded and focused
  • Defuse family drama 

I'm offering a live training, Holiday Survival Skills, to help you stop stressing and enjoy the holidays.

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About Susan Rolfe  

Hi, I’m Susan Rolfe. It’s my passion to help over 50 women who want to live with greater ease, confidence and dignity.  

As a former professional chef, I discovered a feeling of “ flow” that, when I could find and roll with, made work easy, satisfying…even blissful. I also found, that when I tried to force things, I burned out. One would think that would have been its own lesson. But with a life-long habit of working through exhaustion, it can be hard to know when to quit. 

After 30 years of cooking in the fast lane, physical injuries literally put a stop to what I was doing. This forced me to let go of a compulsive drive for “bigger-faster-more”, to find “deeper, easier and more satisfying”. I’m a certified mind-body coach and I specialize in resolving balance problems and joint pain, which restores resilience, peace and joy. 

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